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Set up: Buck and Jerry are two good old boy construction workers who discover a hidden tomb while working one day. They decide to come back later that night and plunder the silver iron maiden they found inside the tomb. Kerrick is a vampire underling of the Master of the City tasked with protecting the tomb.


Buck and Jerry struggle to slide the iron maiden into the bed of the pickup truck. One final push. Metal against metal shriek breaks the cricket songs.

Damn! That’s loud enough to wake the dead.

Buck looks to the farm house. Still quite. He relaxes.

Looks like nobody heard anything. Let’s get the hell out of here just the same.

The tools and your shotgun are still down there. Come on.

Buck and Jerry hurry into the hole. Kerrick slips from around the oak tree and follows them into the crypt.


The shotgun is on the stone bier. Jerry kicks Ulric’s deteriorated body which is little more than skin stretched over bones, out of his way. The pry bars and tool bag are laying around the dirt floor. Buck collects the lanterns as Jerry picks up the tools and stuffs them in the bag.

Got the tools, let’s go.

Buck turns to see Jerry rushing for the stone steps.

Hold on damn it!

Jerry turns toward Buck and slams into Kerrick.


Kerrick Grabs Jerry around the throat and lifts him off his feet. Jerry’s feet dangle a foot off the ground.

Let him go you son of a bitch!

Kerrick smiles, baring his fangs.

Jerry struggling to breath, pulls one of the pry bars from the bag and stabs Kerrick in the stomach.

Kerrick drops Jerry. Jerry crab walks away from Kerrick until his back is against the bier.

Buck! What the shit?

Kerrick laughs and pulls the pry bar out. Licks the blood off.

Buck runs to the bier and grabs his gun. A slow arc of the barrel swinging toward…

Kerrick leaps at Buck


Kerrick’s head explodes. His body bounces on the bier and falls upon Ulric’s body. Buck and Jerry are covered in blood and brain matter.

Holy Fuck! You blew the sum bitch’s head clean off!

Buck is leaning over Jerry. Reaches down and pulls Jerry to his feet, hauling him to the steps.

We wore out our welcome . Time to go.

Jerry picks up the pry bar and tosses it into the bag. Buck pushes him up the steps.

Think I’m going to throw up.


Jerry and Buck scramble out of the crypt. Slam into the pickup truck. Buck throws up on the truck’s front fender.

Did you see that? What in the hell was that guy? Who the fuck was that?

Buck wipes his mouth with the back of his hand. Reaches into his truck window and pulls out a pint of whiskey. Takes a long pull from it. Hands it to Jerry. Jerry eyes the bottle mouth and uses his sleeve to wipe it before taking a long pull.

I don’t know. Not sure I want to know. Let’s get the hell out of here.

Lights of a pickup truck break over the distance horizon moving to the farm house.


Vampire Art Work by John Bolton

Vampire Art Work by John Bolton


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