Official Tagline: Rookie lawman Ben Barber (Kevin Hart) aspires to become a detective like James Payton (Ice Cube), his future brother-in-law. James reluctantly takes Ben to Miami to follow up on a lead that’s connected to a drug ring. The case brings them to a homicide detective and a computer hacker who reveals evidence that implicates a respected businessman. It’s now up to James and Ben to prove that charismatic executive Antonio Pope is actually a violent crime lord who rules southern Florida’s drug trade.

Written by: Phil Hay, Matt Manfredi
Directed by: Tim Story

Starring: Ice Cube, Kevin Hart, Olivia Munn, Ken Jeong, Tika Sumpter, Benjamin Bratt

Ride Along 2 is a light hearted action adventure comedy, that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Is it the best comedy to hit the silver screen? No, but it is entertaining and has some very funny moments and a few groaners along the way too. Kevin Hart once again plays over enthusiastic rookie police officer Ben Barber with the energy of a hyperactive Pomeranian on speed. Paired again with grumpy, grizzled veteran detective and future brother in law James Payton, played by grumpy, grizzled Ice Cube.

A few days before Ben’s wedding to James sister Angela [way too hot Tika Sumpter], the future brothers in laws are sent to Miami to follow up on a lead to a drug smuggling ring.2_1600x12002

Once in Miami they soon hook up with the beautiful, but tough detective Maya [Olivia Munn] and smarmy computer hacker A.J. [Ken Jeong] and soon car chases, shoot outs and explosions ensue. Rounding out the cast is ultra-slick villain, Antonio Pope [Benjamin Bratt], who always seems a half a step ahead of our dynamic duo.

The screenplay by Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi is the basic buddy cop formula and doesn’t introduce too much in terms of originality or innovation , but does the job of providing a by the numbers plot for Hart, Cube and company to do their stick. Tim Story directs with a practices hand and captures the sights and sounds of Miami, especially attractive women in bikinis as much as possible.
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The cast does a good job with what they have to work with and Hart and Ice Cube play off of each other very well. Olivia Munn is very good in her supporting role and fits in with the banter of Ice Cube and Kart with easy.

Director Story seemed to be particularly fond of Munn’s magnificent cleavage {and who isn’t?] and the tango scene between Munn and Bratt is a fun and sexy diversion playing off the antics of Ice Cube and Hart breaking into Popes computer system at the same time.
If you liked Ride Along or buddy cop comedy movies or are fans of Hart, Ice Cube and Munn, then you should check out Ride Along 2, it’s a fun 90 minutes trip, just put your brain on cruise control and enjoy the ride.
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Movie Review: Ride Along 2
Ride Along 2 is a light hearted action adventure comedy, that doesn’t take itself too seriously
75%Overall Score

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