Official Tagline: A horror actress lures a man into her dark web to help her find stolen movie footage, and must they deal with the demons and beasts that try to stop them from their forbidden desire.

Written by: Marc Leland
Directed by: Marc Leland
Starring: Tiffany Shepis, Debbie Rochon, Timothy Mandala

She Wolf Rising… Where to begin? If the tagline above seems poorly written, you can probably contribute that to the Writer/Producer/Director of She Wolf Rising, Marc Leland, who has made one of the worse movies I have seen in a long, long time and I see a lot of bad movies. We now live in an age where almost anyone can make a movie, but She Wolf Rising is a perfect example of having access to cameras, lighting and willing actors, doesn’t mean just anyone should make a film.

I have seen many low budget horror films in my time. Sometimes for my own enjoyment, as a film festival judge or as a studio consultant, so I feel like I know what to expect with these kind of films and try to find at least a few things worthwhile about them. There is not much to recommend about She Wolf Rising. Marc Leland has failed on so many levels with this film [I use that term generously, this is more like a bad home video], bad writing, bad editing, bad production values, bad acting and very bad directing.
I would try to explain the plot, but I don’t know if there was really a defining plot. It begins with Tiffany Shepis dressed as a Greek goddess/shapeshifter in colonial America and then flash forward to present day and Shepis as scream queen, Gina Skylar wanting to get a part in a non-horror film. The film then jumps to the male lead Timothy Mandal as horn dog, kind of Gina Skylar stalker, Jake Bubar telling his friend about how he got his hands on an unreleased horror film which seemed almost like the set up to a very low budget porn film involving of course Gina Skylar. From there the movies jumps from one un-intelligent scene to another, flashbacks, flashbacks within flashbacks, dreams within flashbacks.

Leland does his very best to stop any forward progression of plot, derives poor performances from most of the actors and to make sure the audience has a terrible time watching this crap. I have been on some low budget movies where we could only shoot on weekends and had to make sure the continuity from one location shoot to the next made sense. Director Leland seemed to shoot entirely different stories from one location to the other and then cobble them together. I rarely get a visceral reaction from seeing a movie, but in this case, I had an almost overwhelming desire to beat the living shit out of Marc Leland for subjecting his poor cast and crew to such utter rubbish.
The only bright spot in this black hole of despair, is the always good Tiffany Shepis. I have seen many of Tiffany Shepis films and have met her a couple of times at conventions, where she is always delightful and kind to her fans. Tiffany does her best with the poor writing and directing she was given in this film and I hope we see her in much better projects in the near future, because she is a good actress and deserves much better than this.
She Wolf Rising is only for diehard Tiffany Shepis fans that are willing to suffer through mind numbing shlock; to see her brief, poorly lighted and directed nude scene or for film students wanting to see how not to make a low budget movie.

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Movie Review: She Wolf Rising
Tiffany Shepis 76%
35%Overall Score

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