Learn how to create entertaining stories for Movies, Comic Books and TV. Examples from movies, screenplays and television programs will be shown and discussed. We’ll explore three-act structure, effective character creation, and the craft of film and television dialogue. Both experienced and novice writers are welcome. SPEC 353 / 6 Thursdays / Sept. 17–Oct. 22 / 6:30 –8:30 p.m. / $129 ($139 after Sept. 10)
INSTRUCTOR:: John Risner is a working writer and the founder of ScreenWriterInk.com, a website devoted to helping writers hone their craft.

This is a live event course at Bellermine University, Louisville , Ky
This course is through the Continuing Education Department and is open to everyone


Screen Writer Ink
Fade In IS Just The Beginning

About The Author


John Morgan Risner

John has been featured in several magazines and television programs including Great Day Live and ABC News with Diane Sawyer, talking about screenwriting, movie making, the James Bond films and the Oscar nominations. John is also a film historian, specializing in horror films and is an expert on the James Bond films and novels.

John Morgan Risner is available for speaking engagements and seminars for writing groups,workshops and retreats, comic and movie conventions, and of course screenwriting and film festivals. Please send an email to screenwriterink@gmail.com for rates and scheduling.

In his role as senior story analysis and head writer at Screen Writer Ink, John has over ten years as a Screenwriter, Screenplay Analysis, Story Consultant , Writing Mentor and is a Screenwriting Instructor at two major universities. This experience combined with his Degree in Screenwriting and Film Production, plus experience as a producer, director and actor, makes John uniquely qualified to analyze stories and screenplays to provide guidance to writers and producers looking to create high quality marketable novels and screenplays .

The expert staff at Screen Writer Ink not only provides writing and mentor services to writers, but also manuscript analysis and editing and full screenplay analysis and coverage. Screen Writer Ink is available to producers and production companies for rewriting assignments, script doctoring and complete screenplay creation.

Specialties: Screenwriting, Producing,Ghost Writing, Directing, Story Creation , Acting, Writing, Film Production, Speaker, Instruction and Analysis.

Please send an email to screenwriterink@gmail.com for further information

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